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The Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry (SCCR) is a national, population-based cancer registry for children. It collects data on new cancer diagnoses and concurrent medical conditions and documents the treatment and long term follow-up. Through this it contributes to understanding causes of cancer diseases in children with the ultimate goal to prevent them, and it helps to continuously improve treatments and increase cure rates while aiming to avoid or minimise late effects.


What's new in the childhood cancer registry?

• Children treated for cancer were more often overweight at the end of treatment (13%) compared to when they started treatment (8%).

• Boys and patients suffering from leukaemia or lymphoma were more likely to gain weight during treatment.

• Leukaemia and lymphoma patients gained weight during...

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•Former childhood cancer patients in Switzerland are not more likely to become overweight than persons who never had cancer.

•We found no evidence to suggest that corticosteroid treatment leads to overweight in the long-term

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The Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry (SCCR) at the University of Bern has been collecting data on children and adolescents suffering from cancer in Switzerland for over 40 years. Now, on behalf of the Confederation, the registry will be converted into a Federal Childhood Cancer Registry, which will...

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